If You're An Advertiser, And Would Like To Grow Your Business, Here's A Great Article
From The Television Bureau Of Canada On The Key Strengths Of Television Advertising


1. Reach - Television has unbeatable scale and reach – the highest of any medium in Canada.

2.The most influential, authoritative, powerful, effective, persuasive, engaging and relevant of all media.

3.Television is the best curator of high quality, first-run programming.

4.Television can deliver narrow target audiences through selective placement of commercials in programs.

5.Television is the main source for news, sports, entertainment and general knowledge.

6.Television is perfect for marketers who want to get in front of a large audience.

7.Television is immediate and timely with the ability to time and place-shift ads.

8.Television is cost efficient for most target groups.

9.Television can be purchased nationally, regionally or locally.

10.Television is an emotionally engaging media that excites more of consumers' senses than any other medium.

11.Television is the spark that piques interest and drives inquiry into other media.

12.Television can build an emotional connection with audiences.

13.Television is exciting and can create high impact with viewers by showing dynamic and visually captivating messages.

14.Moods and images can be created for brands with television.

15.Television drives conversations both online and offline.

16.Television has the ability to reach target audiences quickly and effectively.

17.Television is an effective direct response tool for many products and services.

18. Speed - There is no faster way to deliver mass audiences to advertisers.

19. Social Currency - Television programs are valued and talked about. It engages audiences.

20.Television is great for sports and live events.

21.Television is the spine that connects all other media.

22. Television is a catalyst for other media.

23.Television builds fame.

24.TV can shift or reinforce how we feel about brands.

25.Television ads are response ads and can even be point-of-sale media when used with the internet.

26.TV offers advertisers critical mass that can’t be had with narrow-focused media.

27.TV reaches people when they are most receptive to advertising messages.

28. TV engages audiences on-air, online and on the go.

29. TV is a profit generator, that's is easy to buy, measure and understand.

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