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It’s an exciting time at CKPG TV in Prince George….and it’s all about you….OUR VIEWERS!

Wide Coverage Area: CKPG TV is the only local full-service Television station reaching all of Northern Central BC! Watched in Fraser Fort George, Bulkley Valley East, Northern Cariboo, Mackenzie Region, and Nationwide via Satellite.  

Large Viewing Audience: CKPG TV broadcasts to a population of over 110,000 people.

Quality Programming: We feature over 50 hours of top-rated American programming Simulcast NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS all in High Definition.

tv 6CKPG Is Available Everywhere

- Shaw HD Channel 213
- Telus Optik TV HD Channel 115
- Available across Canada via Satellite.
- Star Direct 325 Bell Express Vu 260 HD 1160
- Over air Channel 2.

CKPG TV has for years been the top-rated television station in our extensive coverage area.

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CKPG TV Audience Profile

electronicstore5CKPG TV Age Profile:

23% of CKPG TV viewers are 2-17 years old.

40% of CKPG TV viewers are 18-49 years old.

37% of CKPG TV viewers are 50+.

Gender: 47% of CKPG TV viewers are female and 53% are male.

How Do They Watch: HDTV connected 47% -  Satellite 33% - Digital Cable 59%

Annual Income Level: 44% of CKPG TV viewers have an annual income of over $75,000+.

CKPG TV delivers a large viewing audience in their prime earning and spending years.

CKPG TV Can Expose Your Message To 53,000 Customers Every Week.

The CKPG Creative Team can offer complete production and creative services with a winning team of writers and producers.

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CKPG TV Is #1 With Local News And Information

With the largest newsroom in the city staffed by a team of professional journalists, CKPG TV delivers the news, road conditions, weather, business information, and community events you need, when you need it ...

smallnewsshotCKPG TV is #1 With News

CKPG TV delivers local and regional news as it happens.
CKPG TV is the only 24/7 TV station that focuses on our community.
CKPG TV provides the most complete local, national and international news coverage in the area.

traffic 2CKPG TV is #1 With Weather And Road Reports

CKPG TV has the most up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and road reports
The only local TV station with a full-time news team to keep you informed on conditions in the area.
We're the station that Prince George and the surrounding areas depend on for weather & road reports.


graph 9CKPG TV is #1 With Business News

Agriculture, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Retail Services and Service Industry news is very important to our community.

CKPG TV is proud to be the news leader when it comes to news that matters to the people living in this area.

community 3CKPG TV is #1 With Community Information

CKPG TV is dedicated to providing all the local community news stories that are important to you. We're proud to have the largest news team in the area to make sure that you're informed on all community events when they happen.

CKPG TV has, for years, been a top-rated TV station for news and information in our area.

Why Should You Consider TV Advertising?

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If you're looking to build customers and grow sales here's what you need to know:

- TV advertising has the highest measured engagement and recall.
- People spend more time with television than with any other medium.
- Canadians consistently vote for TV advertising as the most effective form of advertising.
- TV is the most effective form of advertising for engaging consumers.
- Television has unbeatable reach and the ability to target mass audiences for ad campaigns.
- Television can narrow target audiences through selective placement of commercials.
- TV reaches viewers when they are most receptive to advertising.
- Television has the highest daily and weekly reach of any medium in Canada.
- Television has the ability to reach target audiences quickly.
- Television is cost efficient for most target groups.
- Television is the main source for news, sports, entertainment and general knowledge.

People are far more receptive to Television advertising than to advertising from newspapers, magazines, outdoor billboards, Yellow Pages or the Internet.
Source: Numeris- BBM Canada; National PPM data; Total TV; M-Su 2a-2a

CKPG TV Viewers Have High Disposable Income

The research shows that TV is much better at creating a need or desire for a product in the consumer’s mind, especially in the important 25-54 demographic.

couple shopping 15- Adults 25-54 spend 22.0 hours a week watching television more than any other media.
- Adults 25-54 turn to TV to find out what’s happening in news first more than any other media.
- Adults 25-54 are most likely to notice television advertising than any other demographic.
- Adults 25-54 are most receptive to television advertising than other media.
- Adults 25-54 say television advertising is the most influential.
- Adults 25-54 say television advertising is the most powerful.
- Adults 25-54 say television advertising is the most effective.
- Adults 25-54 say television advertising is the most persuasive.
- Adults 25-54 say television advertising is the most engaging.
- Adults 25-54 say television advertising is more memorable.

TV viewers have tremendous spending power in their prime income years.

Source: InnerscopeResearch

CKPG Television Is Available Everywhere

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- The only local television station reaching all of North Central BC. Watched in Fraser Fort George, Bulkley Valley East, Northern Cariboo, Mackenzie Region and Nationwide via Satellite.  

- Broadcasting to a population of over 110,000 people 

- Over 50 hours of Simulcast NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS.

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View Global Schedule Here

CKPG Television Coverage Map

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